Inventors and Founders

The inventors and founders of this innovative product developed The Grocery Valet in order to solve a problem. Being in their senior years they had decided to move to an apartment building for several reasons, one being to reduce the amount work involved in day-to-day house living. After only one trip to the grocery store they quickly realized however that even though they now didn’t have to worry about snow removal, lawn care and maintenance, they had taken on an even bigger problem of bringing groceries up to their 9th floor apartment. This first grocery run took three trips to bring the groceries up to the apartment, and with each trip came a struggle with heavy bins of food, getting keys to open the door and waiting for the elevator. Knowing that they were not alone in this daily struggle, they thought there must be a better way to do this.

The Design Process

Being the innovative couple they are they quickly realized that the answer that some kind of cart to carry the bins would solve her problem. After contacting a lawyer and confirming the idea hadn’t already been patented, they set off to create sketches and experimenting with various materials. With their cardboard prototype in hand, they sought the help of a Canadian manufacturer to bend the steel, create brackets and build their very first working prototype. They knew that their product would need to carry bins separately and together and that it had to be easy to manoeuvre and lightweight. Through various prototypes and testing phases they devised a cart that carries up to three bins with a total weight of 300lbs including additional hooks on the back for extra bags to be hung all while being designed to stand on its own without tipping, can be pulled up stairs without getting stuck and works with any Greenbox-branded grocery bin. And as they say, “The Rest Is History” as The Grocery Valet launches and is now helping people across the country to make one trip effortlessly!